Line Editing

You’re confident in your story. You know your characters are strong. Your pacing is on point.

But your prose is a mess. You know you need help. When I’m line editing, I look at each scene and paragraph and sentence, trying to find the meaning. I then use as much of your own wording as I can to ensure that meaning is conveyed to the reader in a clear and concise way.

I’m not rewriting your story. That is never my goal. But there are a lot of wonderful stories not being shared, only because the storyteller isn’t a strong writer.

Line editing is a slow process and usually requires at least two passes of your manuscript. The first one is all about establishing the meaning of your prose while the second focuses more on grammar and sentence structure.

Read more about the editing process, why you should hire an editor, or what kind of editing you need. Or just email me to get a quote on your project. Ask me about packages that combine line editing and copyediting.

Visit the Editors Freelancers Association for more information about standard industry rates.

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