About Me

Yep, that’s me. Yep, it’s a selfie.

I began helping people express themselves with words while working as a college writing tutor in 1995. I learned how to help writers find their voices and to communicate their thoughts. I learned the importance of preserving that voice while cleaning up grammar or sentence structure. I learned that this was something I wanted to continue doing.

Eventually, I graduated from the University of Utah with a BA in mass communication. Over the next fifteen years, I worked in a variety of marketing and advertising positions, where I quickly became the go-to person for proofreading and editing throughout the office. I worked on ad copy, business correspondence, pamphlets, and the myriad communications flowing through an office every day.

After several years of freelance ghostwriting, I found myself in the lucky position of being able to pursue my dreams and received a certificate in editing from the University of Washington in 2018. Since then, I have been helping authors write and publish the best book possible.

When I’m not editing, I spend my time teaching the occasional piano lesson, running my three daughters around to their many activities, making a delicious meal (and a mess in my kitchen), or quietly reading with my husband at our home outside of Seattle.

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