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Thank you for visiting Rachel Shipp Editing! Almost everyone has something to say; not everyone is able to say it in a way that can be understood by others. Whether you need help deciding which words to use or just need a quick polish on the words you’ve already chosen, I am here to help.

In all of my work, my goal is to make sure your readers understand your message in your words. I don’t want to change your voice. I don’t want to rewrite anything. I only want to clarify your message. I want to polish your writing so that it is as clear as possible for your reader.

I am open to editing many genres, but I have the most experience in romance, fantasy, women’s fiction, science fiction, and general fiction along with their accompanying subgenres (fantasy romance!). I’ve worked with both YA and adult books in each of those genres.

Manuscript Evaluation

What you’re doing right…and what you’re doing wrong.

Line Editing

A little of this, a little of that.


Making sure your book is readable!

“Rachel is a pleasure to work with as she is exhaustive and clear in her edits as well as having that rare gift of being tirelessly constructive in the criticisms she makes. She works through the text multiple times, after the author has had a chance to comment back on her observations and corrections. This means that the end result is not only clearer and a better overall piece of work but the process is entirely collaborative. I always feel the end result is much improved.  I thoroughly commend Rachel to whomever needs her services.
J. Andrew Evans, author of multiple books

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