Manuscript Evaluation

You’ve typed “The End.” You’ve revised and self-edited until you were cross-eyed. But you know your manuscript is not quite ready. Let me read it and I’ll tell you what to do next. My manuscript evaluations aren’t looking at grammar or punctuation (or most of what is detailed here). Instead, I’ll read your entire manuscript and write a report detailing what you’ve done correctly, where you need to improve, and specific suggestions on how to do it. I give you my opinion as both an avid reader and as someone who has studied plot development and story structure for years.

This is not developmental editing, which involves a lot more back-and-forth between you and your editor. But it will help you get your manuscript in shape for submission to agents or publishing companies. It can also be used as a budget-conscious option to full developmental editing for self publishing. No matter what your publication goals are, though, you will need to plan to rewrite and revise extensively before going to the next step. My goal at the end of the evaluation is that you’ll be able to take my suggestions (perhaps an example of how to show and not tell) and apply them not only to the specific passage I’ve pulled for the example, but to the manuscript as a whole.

Read more about the editing process, why you should hire an editor, or what kind of editing you need. Or just email me with any questions you have about any of it.

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