• Rates for copyediting start at $15.00 per 1,000 words.
  • Rates for line editing start at $20.00 per 1,000 words.
  • Each rate is unique to each project and will be determined by the amount of time it takes to complete your sample.
  • Rates for manuscript evaluation start at $350 for the first 50,000 words and $4.00 for each additional 1,000 words.


  • A down payment of 50% is due before I will begin work.
  • A final payment of the balance is due before final copy will be sent.
  • I will send invoices via Square about two weeks before each expected payment.
  • Payments can be made through Square, Venmo, or Zelle (Square is the only option for non-US payments).

Author retains all copyright. I will not share any details or information about the project with third parties.

Editing is a process of offering advice and suggestions to the author. While I will make every effort to identify mistakes in the manuscript, it is not possible to guarantee error-free content.

  • Disliking or disagreeing with my suggestions are not a basis to refuse payment.
  • I will never force an author to make changes they do not agree with.


  • If I am unable to complete the project, all material and payments will be returned to the author.
  • If the author chooses to cancel, I will invoice for completed work.

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