Finding an Editor You Can Trust

Trusting someone else with your manuscript is one of the more difficult aspects of becoming an author. We editors know that. We understand your heart and soul are in that manuscript, and we only want to help make it better. But not every editor is right for every author. Finding the right one for you... Continue Reading →

How to Self-Edit

My number one piece of advice for self-editing is to put your manuscript away for at least a month. You will be surprised at how much you’ve forgotten, making it easier to identify the problems in your manuscript. While you’ve got it put away, read Self-Editing for Fiction Writers for a detailed explanation of what... Continue Reading →

Said Is (Not) Dead

“Said is dead.” “Always use said.” Contradictory advice in the writing community is common. But really, how does one write a good dialogue tag? Well, first and foremost, the purpose of a dialogue tag is to tell the reader which character is speaking. That’s it. For that purpose, said is actually the best word to... Continue Reading →

What Does a Copyeditor do?

"What does an editor do? Just check grammar and spelling?" Well, yes, but it's so much more than that too. On a purely mechanical level, I read your manuscript in full at least three times. The first time is a quick skim to get a sense of the story and, more importantly, your writing style.... Continue Reading →

What Kind of Editing do I Need?

I see a lot of confusion about what, exactly, an editor does. That's because editor is often a catch-all word used to describe anyone who helps the author get a manuscript ready for publication. So here is a very simplified way of looking at the different editorial roles you may encounter. Keep in mind, every... Continue Reading →

The Editing Process

The most important thing you need to know is that, as the writer, you have the final say about any suggestions the editor makes. No reputable editor wants to change your voice or rewrite your story. My goal is to make your story readable and enjoyable. I don’t make wording changes unless they’re necessary for... Continue Reading →

Why Do I Need an Editor?

Do you know when to use affect or effect? Wary or weary? A period or a semicolon? Does the period go inside the parentheses? Or outside? Even if you have a nearly-perfect grasp of grammar and can answer these questions, do you know what your personal writing quirks are so you can self-edit them? An... Continue Reading →

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